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    TV Premium Add-ons

    Add Sky Sports to your new Vodafone TV package for just €1 per month for the first 12 months!

    Buy Vodafone Broadband and TV

    80+ channels including 32 in stunning HD

    Record, rewind and restart live TV

    7 Day Catch-Up TV – never miss a show

    Brand new Kids’ Zone

    Free TV Anywhere App – watch TV on the go

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      Preferred time of contact
      9 - 11am12 - 3pm3 - 5pm

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      All Premium Add-ons

      Plus, if you get Vodafone TV, you’ll get…

      Restart TV*

      So you can restart a programme even if it’s midway through

      7 day catchup

      So you can go back in time to easily access thousands of hours of your favourite shows, if you missed them during the week.

      HD for free

      On 26 channels for all our customers

      TV anywhere app

      To access live and catch-up TV from your tablet and smartphone

      Netflix at the touch of a button **

      Straight from your Vodafone TV remote control

      Brand new kids’ zone

      A safe and protected area wehre kids can enjoy all of their favourite programmes