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Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

Screen size: 6.5 inch
Cameras: 64MP+8MP+5MP
Weight: 159g


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Advanced Features

The perfect switch!

Switching to a different phone? Those who have experienced the Mi 11 know how good it is. But now it’s even better with 5G! The power of this lightweight phone is immense. Its scintillating screen and next generation video capability will make you more than happy to switch!

Pioneering design

Xiaomi has always been a pioneering phone manufacturer. That’s why they are releasing the lightweight Mi 11 Lite 5G smartphone with an ultra lightweight design, slim body, and ultra thin screen frame. It feels so lightweight in hand at just 159 grams: perfect phone for any occasion where you need to stay connected and light on your feet, be it a work day or an outdoor adventure!

Real 5G WiFi speeds

This ultra lightweight phone with true flagship-level performance has real 5G WiFi speeds that offer an incomparable range, so you’ll never have to wait on your video feed again! And since everything you see and interact with looks instantly immersive in the latest borderless displays now offered by Xiaomi, why go anywhere?

Sleek and comfortable

The tech industry was stunned by the release of this phone. Many smartphones claim to be lightweight or high performing, but just give this one a try to understand why it has such an impactful reputation for meeting these needs in every way possible. We know sometimes your phone can feel too heavy when you’re on the go all day long; thats why we designed this device at only 159g.

Fast speed. Premium experience

Get ready to swipe, tap, and enjoy your favorite apps – all at blazing fast speeds! The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G is both a sleek looking phone with advanced technologies and a premium mobile experience. When you’re on the go or off shopping for days, never fear. This Xiaomi smartphone will keep you connected no matter where you are in the world, giving you fast performance wherever it leads.

Outstanding battery life

The future is here. Be prepared with the new Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G smartphone, with a 4,250mAh battery and 33W fast charging capacity! Say goodbye to battery anxiety when you work or play all day long because this car-chasing powerhouse offers a robust shield from power depletion. Get ready for an epic debate over which device will give in first: your internal clock or your power bank!

Next generation video capability

Depressed with the endless loop of taking selfies? This phone is here to take all that pressure and turn it into a game. This new 5G phone can produce video modes and filters that would make the paparazzi want in on your exclusive shots. Now you can easily switch from shooting footage for Instagram live to capturing memories for Snapchat Stories – just by using one camera! Add some dramatic effects like Lens Blur or Dabbie TV filming features and you’ll get pro-level quality videos without any extra effort.